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Oct 1, 2016:Promo for new RFO album coming soon! #Requiem ForOblivion #DeathMetal #Slam #NewRelease?
Sep 30, 2016:@jimrome Great point by Iray Craig. Having been born in LA but now living in Erie, PA I don't know how I can hear Vin's final game :(
Sep 30, 2016:@TikiAndTierney Hey Brandon, me and like 90% of my friends care a whole lot more about hockey than boring ass, elitist golf! #yawn
Sep 30, 2016:@TikiAndTierney Why would the RAMS be a 'get right' opponent? They've beat 2 of 3 teams they've faced, have a great RB and solid D.
Sep 29, 2016:How many followers do you get weekly? 31 awesome new followers for me! Grow with