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May 21, 2018:@mayhemradiouk @thrashistregime @LBastardz @ScreechBats @KADeathMetal @DeadbyMondayUK \m/
May 21, 2018:RT @mayhemradiouk: The news section of the website has been updated featuring articles from the following.. @requiemoblivion @thrashistre?
May 21, 2018:19 new followers in the last week and it is more than just stats, I use it for growing my account! Try it
May 21, 2018:@DAonCBS Oh shit, I missed it. Heard the Pats reference tho and was like 'wtf?' Lol
May 21, 2018:@DAonCBS If you're talking 01 Patriots as being unlikely, what about the Kurt Warner Rams in 2000?