Upcoming shows

We have 4 potential shows coming up...

Dec. 7th at The Beer Mug in Erie, PA...in a brutal assault featuring other local/regional bands: Dark Shades Of War, Beyond Silence, and 9mm Dental Plan

Dec. 21 at The Beer Mug again but a different feel to this show. It will feature perhaps, a toned down RFO set, an 80s sounding sleeze band called A Bed Of Razors and the reunification of Chisel Fist, a thrashy Erie band...but they will have guest vocals by yours truly (Steve J.) on 2 AIC songs and a Soundgarden song as well!

Jan. 11 at Rascal's in Corry with Gelatin Skeleton, Of Shadows and one more TBA.

Late Jan. or Feb. at Sherlock's in Erie with potential bands Kriadiaz (Cleveland, Pavement Records), Dredneks (New York), and The Approach and the Execution (Cleveland/Akron).




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