Requiem For Oblivion CD release show
"The concept of the band, or the name of the band, was kind of an ode to my battle with drug addiction. I had been a drug and alcohol addict for years and finally cleaned up my life back in '97," Jacobson said. "Requiem for Oblivion was an ode to that -- kind of a funeral for futility." [Read More...]
Requiem For Oblivion (Demo 2010)
“Requiem For Oblivion transitions within musical genres in seconds and the whole song takes a new dimension, this happens most songs of this EP. And this is the biggest reason I like this band, it's unpredictable, but it never decreases in quality.”
Dark Emperor - Infernal Masquerade
Review of 2011 EP
The two latest efforts by Requiem For Oblivion "You Not Me" and "Godbuilder" I can't say are surprises.Having heard their music before it just keeps getting better and better. "You Not Me" and "Godbuilder" both have all the band members on their toes firing on all four cylinders. An ever changing scenario of haunting vocals to the traditional metal snarl, you have to the love the small doses of doom that are present and the well placed blast beats. [Read More...]
Demo review
“Requiem For Oblivion are shaping up to be a fine addition to the Prog Metal landscape.It's hard to really sum the band up at all - they're truly out-there and original. . .”
Funeral For Futility (demo)
“No holds bared, brings on ancient flash-backs of time immemorial. This is ‘hybrid metal’. Intriguing experimental insanity.”
- Starr Tucker, New York Waste Magazine (Feb 10, 2010) [Read More...]
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