Review of 2011 EP

The two latest efforts by Requiem For Oblivion "You Not Me" and  "Godbuilder" I can't say are surprises.Having heard their music before it just keeps getting better and better. "You Not Me" and "Godbuilder" both have all the band members on their toes firing on all four cylinders. An ever changing scenario of haunting vocals to the traditional metal snarl, you have to the love the small doses of doom that are present and the well placed blast beats. Oh the bottom end will have you feeling as if your wading thru a pit of tar, of course with a smile, and there's plenty of great guitar this fret board gymnastics? Nothing in Requiem For Oblivion's music is ever an overdose, it's always well placed and ever present... which I'm sure is what they'll do: be a mainstay in the metal realm. Having heard these guys will be ready for shows again soon, what can i say, things get better and better.    95/100       The Metal Review

Rob Wintemute
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